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September 25, 202312 min read

Natural Language Querying With Dataiku, LangChain, and OpenAI

Using large language models and natural language querying capabilities for business use ...
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September 7, 202310 min read

Using Window Recipes in Dataiku to Get To Know Your Customers

Explore a simple solution to summarizing a series of important business questions using ...
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June 12, 202313 min read

Automate Tasks in Your Production Environment Using Dataiku Scenarios

Find out how automation through Dataiku scenarios can provide the consistency you need ...
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June 7, 20237 min read

NBA Focus and Intensity Levels Revealed Through Weighted Averages and Analysis in Dataiku

Are NBA players more focused during the playoffs? We use weighted averages and analysis ...
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May 2, 20239 min read

Best Practices for Leveraging Dataiku and Snowflake: Part 2

Optimize Snowflake execution from your Dataiku platform by using the SQL Pipeline feature ...
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March 31, 202310 min read

Best Practices for Leveraging Dataiku and Snowflake

Tips to optimize the usage and efficiency of Snowflake through one of the best data ...
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March 23, 2023< 1 min read

Snow Fox Data Featured in Dataiku's First Smart Start Lab Event

Snow Fox Data is the featured technical expert at Dataiku's first-ever Smart Start Lab ...
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February 6, 20239 min read

Using Dataiku and the Elo Rating System to Predict the Winner of Super Bowl LVII

Will data predict the winner of Super Bowl LVII?
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January 30, 20239 min read

Predictive Analytics using Dataiku’s Time Series Forecasting Model in Visual ML

Your pain-free guide to using Dataiku’s visual ML feature on sales transactional data to ...
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