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August 1, 2022 < 1 min read

New Thread™ Plugin Creates Powerful Data Documentation for Dataiku Users

As a consulting partner of Dataiku since 2018 and one of the top 35 Dataiku users in the world, Snow Fox Data, a division of Excelion Partners, continues to maximize the value of our customers' Dataiku investment and drive success through data. Our newly created Thread™ plugin is a powerful showcase of this partnership at work on behalf of our clients.

Thread™: A Unique Catalog and Data Lineage Tool

A unique catalog and lineage tool, Thread™ directly integrates with Dataiku and its datasets allowing a single location to document data connected to Dataiku. This single location equips clients with the power to consume the catalog's contents and view upstream/downstream data lineage efficiently.

Hundreds of joint Snow Fox Data and Dataiku clients have already deployed Thread™ and experienced:

  • Increased efficiency through documentation
  • Improved measurement of data governance
  • Streamlined onboarding and training
  • Cost and resource savings

Featured Submission for Dataiku's Frontrunner Awards

Thread™ has recently been showcased as a submission for the Dataiku Frontrunner Awards in the categories of Partner Acceleration and Moonshot Pioneers. Check out our spotlight and find out how Thread™ could enhance your Dataiku experience!



Tony Olson

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