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Snow Fox DataNovember 7, 20233 min read

Celebrating Inspiring Leaders in STEM

We live in a world that is driven by technology and innovation. The countless advancements are an ever-present acknowledgment that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) play a critical role in shaping our future. STEM continues to foster generations of curious problem solvers and leaders in our industry who are making an undeniable impact on the world of data science and analytics.

Today, we celebrate some of the inspiring women at Snow Fox Data who have chosen this innovative career path and who continue to pave the way for generations to come. These leaders share their insights on choosing a career in STEM and encourage others to explore their own interests in this evolving field. 

STEM Careers Are Full of Opportunity

As a Senior Data Consultant, Shelly Kunkle, proudly uncovers insights and helps clients make the most out of their data. Shelly was certain that a career in STEM was the right fit for her. She chose engineering specifically because of her passion for working at "the intersection of people, processes, and technology".  Her advice to someone considering a role in STEM? Shelly says STEM careers can be challenging, ever-changing, full of opportunities, and fun!

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Take the Time to Explore Your Strengths

Jess Rabida, Snow Fox Data's Senior Data Engineer, says she enjoys helping organizations understand the importance of their data and aligning it to their business strategies. She describes how rewarding it is to help business transform their data into information that will help them make better business decisions. Jess' journey to this career began in high school when she realized that she was a logical thinker and began pursuing related strengths and interests; later finding her fit in data science and analytics. To those considering a career in STEM, Jess encourages taking the time to explore each of your strengths and passions and finding guidance and resources to help pursue the career path best suited for you.

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Be Open to All Possibilities

Senior Data Consultant, Stephanie Craig, says that the importance of STEM cannot be understated. STEM education promotes curiosity, which in turn, leads to new ideas and discoveries. What she enjoys most about her career in data science and analytics are the insights that come from looking deep into the data and finding something previously unknown or misunderstood that can be used to create better results. Stephanie encourages inspired young minds to be open to all the many possibilities of where this career can take you including the many traditional and non-traditional paths that can get you where you want to go. 

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STEM Skills Are Universal and Valuable

Kami Flesburg, IT Consultant, challenges us to consider how exciting the world of STEM can be. She knows that every day our life is advanced by people using STEM skills to improve upon existing technologies and create new ones. STEM skills are universal and valued by many professions, opening up a career of endless opportunities. Kami's advice to those curious about STEM is- don't be afraid! Go ahead and explore, ask questions, and dig into the unknown. It is a great opportunity to use these skills to solve everyday problems.

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We Have the Potential to Change the World

Snow Fox Data's Lead Data Consultant, Virginia Maus, lives inspired by the fact that STEM careers can shape our future and change our world. She sees unlimited possibilities found in exploring data and sharing the stories that are locked inside. Her journey to a STEM career started with a fondness for mathematics and a growing passion to use her skills to turn insights into real-world solutions.  She challenges future STEM leaders to look beyond what may appear on the outside as a purely logic-based field, and explore the many opportunities within STEM to be creative and make an impact that can shape our future. Slide-1-copy-5 (5)

The Faces Behind the Future

We proudly celebrate the journeys that have led these leaders to Snow Fox Data and applaud them for the impact they make each day in the data science and analytics industry. They represent not only great achievements but also a determined pursuit of knowledge and innovation, influencing decades of future STEM leaders and professionals. 

Feeling inspired? Visit our use cases to find real-world examples of how our experts have helped a variety of clients and businesses on their data and analytics journey.


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