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August 27, 20211 min read

Oshkosh Corporation: Purpose-Driven Data Practices That Impact Performance

A Need for an Advanced Data Solution

AI maturity and adoption continue to increase and for companies like Oshkosh Corporation this also means growth in the size and scope of their data projects and teams. This advancement also reinforces a need for a center of excellence to support synergy across the entire enterprise.   Oshkosh Corporation identified a need for a scalable and sustainable data science and analytics solution that enhanced collaboration between their data teams, cohesiveness with existing and new technologies, and optimized governance. 

Dataiku and Snow Fox Data Partnership Impact

With our end-to-end analytical capabilities, Dataiku knowledge, and powerful training support, Snow Fox Data, a division of Excelion Partners,  was proud to partner with Dataiku to empower the Oshkosh team with the tools and resources they needed to make their data transformation a successful one. Within a matter of weeks, the Oshkosh team was set up to begin designing new projects and producing impactful results.  

"You need collaboration to do data science effectively in the first place. Dataiku facilitates and enables collaboration much better than anything else I’ve seen. It used to just be technical experts and data scientists, but now analysts and management can be involved side-by-side in the process.” Dr. Michael Schuh, Chief Data Scientist, Oshkosh Engineering

Data-Driven Results

By partnering with Dataiku and Snow Fox Data, Oshkosh Corporation was able to turn data into improvements through implementations like:

  • Real-time predictive maintenance
  • Product intelligence with edge computing
  • Increased manpower efficiencies
  • Product-specific analytics transformations

More Than a Success Story

This story is just one example of what a partnership with Dataiku and Snow Fox Data can bring to a business looking to make clearer decisions with clever data solutions. 

Check out the full case study on the Dataiku website!



Tony Olson

I help companies make data-driven business decisions. I care about unbiased positive business outcomes through data initiatives. Whether it's through ML/AI or basic descriptive reporting, I believe the capability to execute data science initiatives gives companies a competitive edge and am passionate about helping companies build that capability.