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Snow Fox DataJuly 14, 20231 min read

Dataiku and Snow Fox Data Feature Perdue Farms in Manufacturing Industry Spotlight Webinar

In a recent Manufacturing Industry Spotlight Webinar, Dataiku and Snow Fox Data shine a light on the incredible story of Perdue Farms and their journey toward data-driven decision-making. 

This webinar included Jason Blanko, Enterprise Customer Success Manager for Southeast US at Dataiku, Tony Olson, Head of Strategy and Partnerships at Snow Fox Data, and special guest Amanda Hynous, Manufacturing Systems Application Development Manager at Perdue Farms. 

Real-World Manufacturing Data Analytics

In this informational session, Amanda tells a transformational story with real-world examples that many of our clients in the manufacturing industry (and beyond) can relate to. Amanda's refreshing account covered topics like challenges and obstacles, implementation, change management, collaboration in Dataiku, and team benefits- all while making improvements and driving valuable change and impact on the business. 

Collaboration is really important, especially when you have all these different people who are interested. The operations people, the plant managers, the technologists that are building the solution, the analysts that understand the business- getting them inside of and working in one platform is really powerful. - Tony Olson, Head of Strategy and Partnerships at Snow Fox Data

Revolutionizing Manufacturing OT

Data analytics played a unique role in revolutionizing Perdue Farms' Manufacturing OT team. Leaders of all areas of manufacturing can benefit from the examples and insights Amanda shares in this session.

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